Patient health information (PH) is at the forefront of all home health care and hospice worker’s jobs, and it is critical for communications that include sensitive health information to be private, secure and fast. The risk of sending non-secure SMS text messages will only put your agency at risk, leading to HIPAA violations, significant fines, and lost trust.

Vaporstream® Secure Messaging is a game changer for care teams and their patients who rely on in-home care. While many have tried to rely on secure emails and portals for communication, most are finding that text messaging better allows users to avoid long delays between responses. Providing a secure and compliant solution is paramount to providing superior care and better patient outcomes that eliminate the risk of exposure.

While using our Secure Messaging platform, patients, and their families have the reassurance that they will receive the quality of care and confidential communications they can trust, while home care agencies will remain compliant without sacrificing the efficiency that text messaging delivers.

Our latest video on Care Coordination shows the need that homecare agencies have for secure, real-time and asynchronous communication when caring for patients. With caregivers in the field, staff in an office, physicians that need to be consulted and family caregivers, the patient’s circle of care can be quite complex when considering who needs to be in the “loop”. At any given time, one or more of these people will need to communicate sensitive and private information. Enhancing communications and patient care, Vaporstream’s platform allows for real-time discussions and rapid decision-making while creating a more efficient workflow for the home health care and hospice agency.

To find out more, watch our video on care coordination.

Contributor- The Vaporstream Team