The home infusion therapy market is growing at astounding rates as many long-term, intravenous care patients are now preferring to be treated away from the typical hospital setting. With more patients being treated at home, and at alternate sites, there is an increase in care team members needing to coordinate at-home infusion therapy.

When it comes to communicating within an infusion therapy circle of care, it has historically been through pagers, emails and as of late, text messaging. With texting increasing as a main form of communication, it is allowing for faster collaboration within health care environments. In fact, 95% of healthcare professionals use their personal mobile devices for communications and a variety of work-related tasks within the workplace.

While texting is more convenient and provides for faster collaboration, it puts sensitive patient data at risk and a pharmacy’s business in jeopardy. Ransomware and cyberattacks are hitting health care organizations computers and mobile devices at alarming rates. Without a secure means to text, care teams and pharmacies they collaborate with remain vulnerable to attacks.

So how can one protect their circle of care communications? Pharmacies can now leverage enterprise-strength secure messaging platforms that allow care team members to perform in a way in which they are already accustomed. Secure Messaging platforms, such as Vaporstream’s, allows for secure collaboration while providing sender controls, image and screenshot security and ephemerality. They also offer control over how information is being shared. Unlike native text messaging, Secure Messaging platforms allow for senders to have complete control of all communication use and storage. Recipients are not allowed to copy, forward, screenshot or share information. This enables care team members to leverage the efficiency and features of SMS texting that they are familiar with, without opening up sensitive conversations to vulnerabilities and outside source.

The infusion therapy marketing is growing by 9% annually, and security and compliance risks are growing with them. Those organizations that invest in Secure Messaging platforms will be able to protect critical patient information, recover lost revenue by improving efficiencies while serving patients, facilitate higher volumes of communication and most importantly, improve quality of patient care.

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Contributor: The Vaporstream Team