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Partnership Provides Secure Messaging Solution for LIFARS Customers to Enhance and Expedite Communication During Incident Response

CHICAGO, IL–(Jun 21, 2016) – Vaporstream, a leading provider of secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging, today announced its partnership with LIFARS, an international incident response, digital forensics and cybersecurity intelligence firm. The partnership will enable LIFARS customers to utilize Vaporstream for secure communication during incident response, as well as during and after remediation.

During a cybersecurity breach, it’s all about speed. The impact of a breach on a business can be dramatically reduced with a quick response. In order to expedite and streamline communication during the critical time of incident response, LIFARS partnered with Vaporstream to offer customers an instant and secure messaging solution. As a result of the partnership, LIFARS will provide full deployment of Vaporstream’s secure, ephemeral messaging solution to its current and future clients. The solution can be utilized throughout the incident response lifecycle, as well as during and after remediation to ensure secure communication at all times.

“Our partnership with Vaporstream enables LIFARS to deliver secure communication capabilities to our current and new customers — a crucial feature that can be utilized throughout the entire incident response lifecycle,” said Ondrej Krehel, digital forensics lead, CEO and Founder, LIFARS. “Secure and compliant digital communication should be a standard part of company culture and every incident response plan.”

LIFARS helps businesses defend their networks with military-style incident response, digital forensics and cybersecurity solutions. Now, LIFARS customers will benefit from the efficient and streamlined messaging capabilities within Vaporstream’s platform, ensuring the level of security needed in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Along with this new partnership, Vaporstream is pleased to announce Liz Lederer as its Senior Vice President of Channel. Liz brings over 21 years of business development experience in the IT storage, information governance and security space. She will lead Vaporstream’s Connect Partner Program, coordinating sales and program deployment. The Connect Partner Program is designed to ensure long term partner and customer success while building an ecosystem of services and solutions that create value for the Vaporstream community.

“Secure and compliant communication is so important, especially as incidents, breaches and fraud become common occurrences,” said Liz Lederer, senior vice president, Channel, Vaporstream. “As part of LIFARS incident response portfolio of products, Vaporstream becomes a vital piece of an organization’s security’s architecture during incident response, remediation and proactive procedures. Partnering with LIFARS was a smart decision for Vaporstream and our customers alike.”


LIFARS is an elite incident response, digital forensics and cybersecurity intelligence firm. Our solutions are based on best practices and personal hands-on experiences. LIFARS conducts digital forensic investigations, data breach incident response, web application security testing, digital risk assessments, and academic research.

LIFARS continuously explores the latest innovations in the cybersecurity field and always seeks to find what is shaping tomorrow’s industry landscape. LIFARS was ranked the #2 top cybersecurity company in the NYC Metro area on the Cybersecurity 500 list of the hottest and most innovative cybersecurity companies.

About Vaporstream

Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant mobile messaging for the enterprise. Recognized for its patented ephemeral messaging platform, Vaporstream’s SaaS-based application empowers mobile workforce efficiency and improves customer service — without jeopardizing security or compliance. With expertise serving regulated industries, Vaporstream offers the security and best-in-class infrastructure needed to meet the most complex bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate owned privately enabled (COPE) requirements to ensure that you can keep communications confidential, secure and compliant.

If you would like to learn more about how Vaporstream can help optimize your business communications and partner with you for secure, compliant messaging, contact us today.

(800) 367-0780 | info@vaporstream.com | www.vaporstream.com