As cyberattack and ransomware continues to be an increasing problem in enterprise, healthcare and financial services, organizations need to contemplate where and how they are transmitting sensitive information on a day-to-day basis. Even when using a secure messaging application encrypted text does not equal secure text. Organizations need to consider how and where their data is being transmitted when addressing compliance concerns.

In the ever-changing mobile environment across regulated industries it is paramount that security solutions not only work to ensure that they meet industry standards but go one step further. They must ensure that all aspects of their solution keep customer data safe. Third-party testing from ethical hackers not only gives security solutions, the peace of mind with superior testing and analysis, but allows them to provide absolute confidence to their customers knowing that they have continued to release new features with a continued security focus.

Watch the latest video from NowSecure to learn how Vaporstream worked with NowSecure to dive deep into the data at rest, in transit and all other areas of the mobile attack surface to help ensure that Vaporstream meets the rigorous security standards necessary in an ever-changing mobile environment. NowSecure has audited Vaporstream and has third-party certified Vaporstream as secure against malicious attacks and sensitive data for the second year in a row. You can also read this recent case study from NowSecure to find out more about how Vaporstream meets high customer expectations for security and compliance by contracting with NowSecure.

At Vaporstream, our customers success is our passion. We go above and beyond to ensure that success. To find out more about Vaporstream, or how we view privacy and security, contact us.

Contributor- The Vaporstream Team