Amidst the rapid escalation of physical and cyber risks to highly regulated critical infrastructure sectors, Vaporstream adds subject matter expert to help meet demand for company’s secure and compliant communications solutions

Joseph YoklavichJanuary 22, 2018 (Chicago) –Vaporstream, a leading provider of secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging, today announced that Joseph Yoklavich has joined the company as a subject matter industry expert for energy and utilities. In this new role created to help meet growing demand, Yoklavich will build and oversee strategy and sales initiatives for the company’s secure messaging and incident response solutions within the energy and utilities sectors. Yoklavich, who will report to CEO Galina Datskovsky, will also support enterprise sales and business development initiatives in the healthcare, financial services and government sectors.

“Energy and utility companies are some of the most at risk organizations in the world as connected, mission-critical equipment and systems become increasingly vulnerable to cyber, insider and physical threats,” said Yoklavich. “In my 30 years serving these industries, Vaporstream is the first solution provider that I have come across that truly empowers organizations in regulated industries to reduce risk by leveraging the conveniences of mobile messaging, while still fulfilling security, compliance and reporting requirements. I look forward to joining the Vaporstream team and meeting the demand of critical infrastructure companies seeking out secure messaging.”

With three decades of experience in technology development and sales specific to the energy sector at companies like Pegasystems, Teradata and IBM, Yoklavich understands the pain points that energy and utility companies face. Prior to joining Vaporstream, Yoklavich most recently served as a national sales director at OutSystems, a low-code development platform, where he helped establish the business’ energy vertical business plan, solutions, marketing strategy and sales pipeline.

“Joseph is uniquely qualified to help us meet the growing demand we’ve experienced from organizations in highly regulated critical infrastructure sectors,” said Datskovsky. “Joseph’s solid background in solving industry-specific pain points with technology applications will be instrumental in scaling Vaporstream’s platform to meet the growing needs of customers in these areas.”

Why Energy & Utility Companies Are Choosing Secure Messaging

In response to heightened threat landscape, organizations within the energy and utility sectors are facing stricter rules and regulations for maintaining the availability and integrity of both their physical and cyber assets; as well as how they respond to anomalies and incidents and how they verifiably comply with industry and Federal law. To ensure secure internal communications, many power and utilities companies are adopting secure messaging platforms as a safer quick-response alternative to email, fax and SMS text communications, which are all vulnerable to delays, cyberattacks, intercepts and fraud. With an advanced secure messaging solutions like Vaporstream, these organizations can safeguard the transmission of confidential conversations, protect employees and the community, and better manage incident response.

Vaporstream is a leading provider of secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging for the enterprise, keeping businesses in control of their important conversations – and data – at all times. Recognized for pioneering a patented, ephemeral messaging platform, Vaporstream’s enterprise customers benefit from secure messaging solutions that uniquely solve efficiency, communication, compliance and incident response challenges faced by society as it increasingly goes mobile.

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About Vaporstream

Chicago-based Vaporstream provides secure, ephemeral and compliant messaging for the enterprise. Vaporstream is built by compliance and security experts with over 30 years of experience in security, privacy and compliance, and empower business professionals to communicate at the speed of business, and with confidence. With customers representing Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Government and others, as well as a growing partner network, it offers a secure messaging solution that uniquely solves efficiency, communication,

compliance and incident response challenges faced by society as it increasingly goes mobile. For more info, visit: and follow us on Twitter @Vaporstream.