Author-Vaporstream Team

Communication and effective collaboration within the healthcare industry is not always as easy as it should be. Care teams – from doctors and nurses to the patients and their caregivers – need the ability to communicate efficiently, effectively, privately and securely to ensure the highest level of service. Unfortunately, this is an ongoing challenge, particularly when it comes to long term and home-based healthcare. In a recent article posted on HomeCare Magazine, Vaporstream CEO Galina Datskovsky discussed why communication and effective collaboration is not as easy as it should be, and why there is such a need to change that.

Over 4.9 million people rely on home visits from healthcare professionals. There is a large need for healthcare professionals in the field to communicate with their team, as well as the extended circle of care, for feedback in a timely manner as the status of a patient at home can change drastically from day to day. Should this collaboration be delayed, the patient may not receive the care they need.

In an effort to better streamline this communication breakdown, healthcare organizations have turned to tools like secure communication portals and email encryption. Utilizing services like these, however, can often result in delays within situations that require immediate responses as email only has a 22 percent open rate and a 6 percent response rate in comparison to the 98 percent open rate of text messages. In these situations, members of the care team turn to text messaging via their native SMS text or through a texting application to get the rapid responses required. 95 percent of healthcare professionals are using their smartphones or tablets in the workplace, making texting the most efficient and effective communication alternative within the patient’s circle of care. While texting is more effective and efficient, healthcare professionals must still ensure their communication is within HIPAA compliance, and that they are maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

Vaporstream Secure Messaging enables care team members to rapidly communicate and collaborate with confidence. Empowering healthcare organizations to leverage the efficiency of mobile messaging, while ensuring that sensitive information remains compliant and secure. Vaporstream enhances mobility, information governance, and compliance initiatives to securely facilitate texting within the healthcare ecosystem and ensures that the patient is receiving the value-based care they deserve.

Read Vaporstream’s article for HomeCare Magazine on Improving Communication and Collaboration on the Go, and contact us to find out more.