Operational efficiency.

Improved productivity.

Streamlined workflows.


In today’s world of hyperconnected systems and devices, each of these commonly used buzzwords have become synonymous with a medical organization’s success. It seems that every healthcare provider is determined to accomplish more in less time while using fewer resources, and that the pressure to do so is trickling down to employees at every level in all roles within the organization.


Over the years, a number of technological advances have emerged that have made the front office of a medical practice more efficient. Before HIPAA-compliant enterprise grade secure communication platforms came onto the scene, for instance, front office staff would have to spend hours during the work day making phone calls to remind patients about upcoming appointments and care routines – many calls went unanswered. Now, with secure communication solutions such as Vaporstream, personnel can easily schedule appointments, care reminders and even educational materials that are sent securely via the messaging platform, email or standard SMS, enabling staff to spend more time on patient care.


So, what’s the next technological advancement with the potential to transform healthcare business workflows? What major time-consuming process can secure communication technology and automation alleviate next?


With the launch of our latest module, Vaporstream Concierge, medical organizations can eliminate most manual processes related to healthcare billing, referral processing and any forms submission processing.


Named Concierge for its ability to do the work for you, the module provides healthcare users with the ability to communicate directly and securely with internal business systems, departmental inboxes and cloud storage via their mobile device. The introduction of such automated workflows will eliminate manual processes, risk and possible points of failure – all while increasing throughput and efficiency.


With Concierge, organizations can:


  • Streamline and automate unlimited data workflow processes between the Vaporstream platform and enterprise systems, such as those used often in human resources, billing and the back office.
  • Automatically distribute information to predetermined locations such as a backend system (i.e. EHR, ECM, CRM etc.), an individual email, distribution list, file sharing service, or cloud storage based on a specific workflow for processing or scheduling.
  • Securely send documents, images and files, automatically convert content into PDF, and eliminate the need for multiple document management or document sharing applications.


As an example, remote workers can use these features to streamline healthcare work in the field. A field employee can take in-app photos of a patient’s referral documentation during a home visit and send them directly to the patient record in the EHR via Vaporstream Concierge, which will convert the images to PDF via a secure text on their mobile phone. The image containing sensitive information is protected in transit and immediately removed from the field employee’s device in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards and preconfigured practice policies. Multiple instances of Concierge can be configured to perform various workflows such as a Billing Concierge, a Referrals Concierge and an HRforms Concierge. Once a text is sent to a Concierge the user’s work is done.


To find out more about how Vaporstream Concierge can help streamline your most important workflows, contact us or request a demo to see Vaporstream in action.