Author – Vaporstream Team

Our CEO, Galina Datskovsky, began a career in compliance at her first software company. Her team was tasked with writing a record management application that required in-depth information governance knowledge, and she decided to learn everything she could about it in order to produce a better product. Over time, Galina has become an internationally known expert in compliance policies, security, monitoring, and software, which she leverages to continually revise and enhance Vaporstream’s key offering.

One of the greatest compliance risks businesses face today is the wild field of communication. Communication is still taking place with old technology, like email. We saw from this year’s election how easy it is to hack email and leak it, especially when the email is not under your control anymore. Galina believes one of the biggest threats in terms of compliance is the proliferation of content and inability to secure content, especially when it leaves an organization’s perimeter.

In today’s mobile world, almost every person is driven by productivity and the efficiency of instant communication – particularly texting for business. The reality is that many companies outlaw texting, yet people still do it. Having a policy which might say “we do not allow texting,” won’t protect an organization from the fact that everyone in the company texts anyway. Since texting is the next wave of communication, having mobile messaging that is secure and controlled by the sender, and that can expire from devices, but be recorded for corporate compliance, is extremely important. Rather than saying “no” to texting in general, organizations can say “yes” and, with the appropriate product, mitigate the risk of unmanaged communication and someone hacking into communication. That’s where Vaporstream comes in.

Vaporstream aims to mitigate this risk by providing secure, ephemeral and compliant mobile messaging. We address that key problem of untethered content proliferation while also addressing the idea of a new technology being used for business.

To learn more about the compliance challenges organizations face and what lies ahead for Vaporstream in addressing these challenges, check out Galina’s Q&A interview with Maurice Gilbert, CEO at Corporate Compliance Insights.