Author – The Vaporstream Team

Today’s fast-paced, mobile world offers dozens of solutions to help users communicate instantly at their fingertips. Texting has become the communication method of choice, with 97 percent of Americans using it at least once a day. But, our texting culture and habits outside the workplace can present key security challenges when consumer-focused apps are used for business communications. This leaves many organizations asking – how can mobile communications in the workplace be supported without putting business information, client data and IP at risk? Enterprise-strength texting apps can be the answer.

Enterprise messaging apps not only offer the same ease-of-use as consumer-based apps, but also ensure that employees communicate while maintaining security and privacy. Since many employees do not have security top of mind and are more concerned about doing business “at the speed of business,” enterprise messaging apps help to ensure that they can communicate in a quick, safe and private manner by using message ephemerality. This enables users to expire or shred messages on demand and ensures that no data ever remains on devices or servers.

For employees that work remotely or in the field, mobile devices are their core connection to clients or team members. Enterprise text supports the sharing of documents, photos and text for secure collaboration on the go. The app protects messages from screenshots and unintended sharing, keeping information private and secure anytime, anywhere.

When using mobile devices for business needs, security and privacy is critical, but the obligation for compliance and record keeping cannot be overlooked. Using an enterprise texting app allows users to save necessary conversations in a secure repository of record for business use, while removing data from devices. For businesses in the medical, legal or financial sectors, this allows employees and staff to communicate with confidence, and enables IT teams to answer both security and compliance needs at the same time.

As employee affinity towards texting continues to grow, mobile devices will become more of an integral part of every workplace. For organizations considering new technologies to meet the needs of the increasingly mobile workforce, secure ephemeral messaging should be included in the mix.

To learn more about how enterprise text or messaging apps help support a mobile-centric, text-friendly and secure workplace, check out this full article on the topic from our CEO, Galina Datskovsky, or contact us.