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Ensuring a Smooth Transition to Home Health and Hospice Care

November 28, 2017

Onboarding patients in Home Health and Hospice Care can be a challenge. In addition to the paperwork, there’s the process of coordinating an individual care plan and reaching out to the various stakeholders. With everyone deep in conducting their business and busy doctors working with patients, phone tag is inevitable. Following the inefficient practice of phone calls, emails and pages, administrators must wait to provide nurses with a complete care plan.

With Vaporstream, it doesn’t have to be like that! Vaporstream smooths the care process for administrators, staff, the patient’s primary care doctor, specialists and even family members. Vaporstream enables all parties involved to message each other quickly and securely via secure a secure communication platform —without compromising security or compliance. Administrators can coordinate with doctors, pharmacists, and nurses quickly to ensure smooth, efficient, and timely care for patients – leaving the days of the waiting game behind.
To learn more about how Vaporstream for Healthcare works and how it can improve the lives of the care team and the patient, reduce unpaid visits, and increase referral relationships watch our video here.

Contributor: The Vaporstream Team

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