Author – Vaporstream Team

Secure communications are essential to the HR recruiting process. From initial correspondence with potential new hires to salary negotiations, HR recruiters need the ability to communicate internally and externally while keeping confidential information secure. But, keeping this information private in today’s technology landscape can be a challenge for both recruiters and job candidates.

Email and LinkedIn are common methods for recruiters to communicate with candidates in simple and convenient ways. However, these platforms present potential issues for information security. While email is widely used in HR recruiting for simple and direct communication, it can be forwarded and shared with anyone, whether accidentally or intentionally, putting confidential information into the wrong hands. Many HR hiring managers have also turned to LinkedIn, which presents its own set of challenges, as many people connect their LinkedIn to personal or business email accounts. For candidates who do not want their current employer to know about their job search or are in a non-compete environment, this can present risks.

To meet the demands of increasingly mobile workforces, many recruiters are now looking to messaging services to help facilitate quick and convenient conversations with candidates, anytime and anywhere. However, these messaging platforms are not without their risks. Many of these free, consumer-focused apps do not have the security and sender controls in place to safeguard confidential conversations.

To successfully communicate with candidates and avoid the security risks of traditional communications, recruiters need to utilize an enterprise messaging app that meets demand for ease of use while providing the security required.

Secure, ephemeral messaging apps such as Vaporstream provide sender control – allowing recruiters to set expiration times for the content. These apps also provide capabilities that support organizations’ governance and compliance. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile and recruiters and candidates need information at their fingertips, secure messaging apps can provide a safe, secure communications platform to facilitate confidential conversations and secure recruiting.

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