In today’s digital age, patients and their families want to have greater engagement with their care providers in a way that better closes the communication gap. When individuals are dealing with health care needs that are communicated through various channels, there are often large gaps between healthcare professionals, patients, and their families. A gap in communication can not only harm the health and care services of the patient but can also result in stress and frustration for their family and care providers.

In the latest whitepaper from Aging in Place Technology Watch, Creating a Circle of Caring Text with Vaporstream, Laurie Orlov Industry Analyst discusses the ways in which providers, care recipients, and family members can create a circle of care. Why is a circle of care important? With caregivers in the field, physicians that need to be consulted, and the patients themselves – considering who needs to be kept informed can get complex. At any given time, one or more of these people will have to communicate private and sensitive information. Native SMS texting via a smartphone is both unmanageable for a care team and highly unsecure considering the topic and regulatory demands.

As pointed out in the white paper, Vaporstream recognizes that with a secure messaging platform, patients are better able to securely communicate with their healthcare professional, empowering them to play a leading role in their own care. Unlike secure communication portals and emails, which often will result in long delays between responses, secure text messaging platforms allows for members of healthcare organizations to give and receive the rapid response needed when dealing with a patient’s health. Text messaging has a 98 percent open rate and a 45 percent response rate, providing healthcare professionals with a simple and quick solution. Text messaging is growing in the healthcare field as a delivery tool. In fact, 95 percent of healthcare professionals are already using their smartphones or tablets within the workplace. Platforms like Vaporstream are necessary to ensure a patient’s information remains both secure and private.

To find out more about how Vaporstream enables the secure circle of care communication, read our latest white paper here.