Author – The Vaporstream Team

The healthcare industry, by nature, demands a high level of privacy and compliance, but it also demands quick communication between care providers to ensure best-in-class patient care. Therefore, many healthcare providers are turning to mobile devices to enable faster, more efficient communications. “Today, short mobile communication methods like text is getting immediate response and better read rates, facilitating a new way of doing business,” said Galina Datskovsky, CEO of Vaporstream. But what happens to information and images that are texted and left on these personal devices? How do you maintain privacy, security or compliance?

While the healthcare industry is harnessing mobile devices to improve patient care, there are a myriad of compliance issues that come along with the adoption of these new technologies. Organizations have recognized that they must meet the transitory and confidential messaging needs of their business and find solutions that support records retention, privacy and compliance requirements.

Secure Messaging applications such as Vaporstream are enabling care team members to rapidly collaborate and communicate with confidence. Vaporstream empowers healthcare organizations to leverage the efficiencies of mobile messaging, while ensuring that information remains safe, secure and compliant. In fact, we were just named one of the 10 most promising healthcare compliance solution providers by Healthcare Tech Outlook.

With Vaporstream’s ephemeral texting app, messages are in the control of the organization and sender at all times, whether in motion or at rest. The app enhances mobility, information governance and compliance initiatives to securely facilitate texting within the healthcare ecosystem.

Read the Healthcare Tech Outlook November edition cover story about Vaporstream and find out why Vaporstream was named one of the top ten promising healthcare compliance solutions or contact us to find out more.