All organizations should be prepared for out-of-course events. Situations like acts of nature, data breaches, or other unforeseen events, require planned responses in case they happen. Different situations may require a different chain of events to occur, but there is one thing that all incident response plans have in common: the need for ongoing communication throughout the course of the event.

There are multiple examples of ongoing communication needs during an out-of-course event.

Just a few include:

• A power company notifying first responders and emergency management teams of an unexpected power outage/ grid loss.

• An IT department discussing their plan of action during and after a ransomware attack.

• Healthcare teams in different parts of a hospital communicating information about staff and patients during an event with an active shooter in the ER.

• Universities sending out messages to students during a blizzard to inform them that classes are cancelled and they should not leave their dorms.


Communication is key during any out-of-course event however this can sometimes be a difficult thing to coordinate. Issues like power outages—resulting in downed landlines and wifi—or systems breached—resulting in all traditional communications being compromised—often go hand-in-hand with these types of out-of-course events. This is why secure messaging platforms like Vaporstream play a key role in incident notification and response.

Vaporstream addresses the challenges organizations face in keeping communications ongoing during such events. As an independent SaaS solution, Vaporstream offers an alternative communications channel, allowing organization staff to communicate outside of a breached network. The encrypted, ephemeral messages—which disappear from devices after a set period of time—ensure security while keeping bad actors out of the know. This can be critical while recovering from a breach. Additionally, Vaporstream utilizes both wifi and cellular networks, so if there’s a power outage, unless in extreme scenarios, you will have a way to communicate.

Efficient communication is the key component to a rapid and successful response to any incident. For this reason, organizations of all sizes and all industries have turned to the Vaporstream Secure Messaging Platform to overcome the challenges presented during these events and keep communications ongoing and secure. To find out more about Vaporstream and how we help organizations keep their communications flowing during an out of course event, contact us, or see Vaporstream in action by scheduling a demo.

Contibutor: The Vaporstream Team