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Gartner, Inc. has released its annual its Cool Vendors in Healthcare Providers, recognizing Vaporsteam for our impactful advancements within healthcare industry and new security approaches to protect the data.

Vaporstream Continues to Innovate for Healthcare Providers

Gartner, Inc. has mentioned us this year in the “Where Are They Now” section of its annual its Cool Vendors in Healthcare Providers, recognizing vendors for identifying innovative, impactful advancements within healthcare as well as big data processing and new security approaches to protect the data.

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Secure Messaging ban why the joint commission got it wrong

Secure messaging ban: Why The Joint Commission got it wrong

In its latest update, The Joint Commission banned the use of secure text messaging for patient care orders due to concerns over privacy and security. The decision was a curious one, since it came just a few months after announcing an end to the very same ban. Though its concerns are certainly warranted, as healthcare is the most targeted sector for cyber-attacks, The Joint Commission’s latest assertions against secure text orders are, quick frankly, unsubstantiated. In fact, modern secure messaging platforms not only address the issues raised by The Joint Commission, but can also serve to improve a hospital’s security, efficiency and compliance.

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At Vaporstream we have a great deal to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. We are very appreciative of our dedicated partner network and valued customers.

Giving Thanks

In Chicago, the leaves have all fallen, the air is getting colder and glittery Holiday displays have begun to surround us. Fortunately, it is also the time of year when we can slow down and sit with our loved ones to give thanks for all that has brought us good fortune this year.

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End-to-end benefits of recruiting talent and employees with Secure Mobile Communications for human resources departments.

End-to-End Benefits of Recruiting Talent with Secure Mobile Communications

Secure communications are essential to the HR recruiting process. From initial correspondence with potential new hires to salary negotiations, HR recruiters need the ability to communicate internally and externally while keeping confidential information secure. But, keeping this information private in today’s technology landscape can be a challenge for both recruiters and job candidates.

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