BYOD is complicated. On the one hand it saves businesses the hassle of having to supply corporate devices to employees and it gives employees the freedom to use a device of their choice. On the other hand, BYOD opens up businesses to a slew of security risks, like data leakage, lost devices and increased vulnerability to malware. Businesses face the challenge of finding a way to separate the personal and the business on devices—and while MDM is one way to do it, employee resistance and cost can make it that less than feasible. So, how do you keep the personal and the business separate with BYOD? Here’s how:

Protect Corporate Information on Devices

Discussing and sharing private, corporate information over a BYOD device can be risky. The employee could accidentally send sensitive information to the wrong person or the device could be compromised after an employee falls victim to a phishing attack.

Vaporstream protects sensitive information on the device no matter what, by making it impossible for employees to share information with unintended recipients and keeping the information secure from hackers at all time through end-to-end encryption and content control.

Let Employees Do What They Want on Their Devices Without Risk of Malware Compromising Corporate Information

One of the challenges of BYOD is that employees can access apps and websites that could are normally restricted on business devices because they pose security risks like malware attacks.

With Vaporstream, businesses don’t have to worry about corporate information being compromised because employees downloaded a malware-laced game or accessed an insecure website. We make sure that the corporate information stays protected in the device by saving the information to a secure archive that bad actors can’t access.

Protect Devices That Are Lost

Another major BYOD concern is what to do when a device is lost. With a corporate device, the solution is easy, simply wipe the device. It’s not so easy with a personal device, which may have important information that employees can’t wipe.

Fortunately, with Vaporstream it’s easy to wipe only the private, corporate information from the device without accessing other information on the employees’ device.

Vaporstream recognizes that balancing BYOD with protecting corporate information can be tricky – but it doesn’t have to be. We make it easy for you to communicate safely and securely. See what business communications looks like in action with us here.