In a recent article posted on HomeCare Magazine, Vaporstream CEO Galina Datskovsky explained why it’s important to empower home health teams through collaboration and streamlining communication.

As the article mentions, a recent John Hopkins University clinical trial determined that a personalized text message can encourage people to increase their physical activity, which in turn, made a significant difference in a patient’s well-being. This study proves that patients who are in their home that receive direct communication with doctors can positively make an impact on their well-being.

More and more healthcare organizations are turning to tools, such as Vaporstream’s Secure Messaging platform, to communicate efficiently and effectively when a patient relies on home care. Unlike secure communication portals and emails, which can result in long delays between responses, secure text messaging enable members of healthcare organizations to give and receive the rapid responses needed when dealing with a patient’s health. 95 percent of healthcare professionals are already using their smartphones or tablets within the workplace, which makes texting the most effective form of communication within a patient’s circle of care.

Vaporstream recognizes that with a platform that is easy to use, patients can securely communicate with their health care professional, empowering them to play a leading role in their own care. Our Secure Messaging solution provides a compliant, secure and quick way for home care teams to coordinate with staff at the hospital, a doctor’s office, physical or occupational therapists as well as with a patient and their family.

Read Vaporstream’s article for HomeCare Magazine on Improving Communication and Collaboration on the Go, and contact us to find out more on how to create your circle of caring text.

Contributor- The Vaporstream Team