By Karen Tremblay

Last week the AIIM First in Flight North Carolina Chapter kicked off two key events that brought together members focused on raising money for two great charities and focusing on the topic of information governance (IG). The chapter meeting included two events, First in Flight Chapter Annual Charity Golf Tournament and InfoWorld 2015. Bentwinds Country Club hosted 80 golfers and Vaporstream was delighted to be a one of the hole sponsors. It was a wonderful day for golfing—the weather was perfect and the sky was a beautiful Carolina blue. The AIIM First in Flight Chapter golf outing donating over $6,000 to both the Fragile X and Juvenile Diabetes foundations!

AIIM’s InfoWorld 2015 proved to be very informative and well attended, with close to 200 in attendance. There were several excellent sessions on data analytics– which are quite timely in the Information governance community that is examining new ways of data mining with governance and compliance. Vaporstream® CEO, Galina Datskovsky, delivered the afternoon keynote which focused on Big Data, Data Lakes and a way to incorporate IG into the Big Data practices and equation.

The event highlighted the ways in which Information Governance practices are changing. With the explosion of data and the growth of the Internet of Things, Data Lakes, and data analytics, IG professionals face new challenges. They must be prepared for the difficult tasks of corralling end users’ data for compliance purposes in the age of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and socializing the information governance requirements for Data Lakes. Practitioners must also handle the tough task of ensuring the applications they implement are easy-to-use intuitive applications for employees. If easy-to-use applications are not provided, employees will continue to download noncompliant apps and use them to the detriment (and dismay) of Information Governance and IT Departments.

It is clear that secure collaboration, privacy, protection and business enablement at the forefront of everyone’s mind as they embark on IG initiatives. Vaporstream solves the secure mobile communication piece of this puzzle and is proud to be part of the offering and solution. Secure messaging assists organizations with equipping a mobile workforce with an approved way of collaborating and sharing text and images.

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